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  1. I am acting in my own behalf as an individual and that I am 18years of age or older.
  2. I have personally attended and received certification at a company approved certification meeting or by a company authorized representative.
  3. This application shall constitute a binding agreement between myself and Forever Living Products (FLP) at such time as this application is
    received and approved by FLP’s Head office in Nigeria.
  4. I am an independent contractor in the business of selling consumer products. I am not an employee or legal representative of FLP for any
    purpose. I will be responsible for my compliance with Federal, State, and Local statutes and regulations, including, but not limited to, those
    relating to licensing and taxation. I recognize that my remuneration is based on  my performance  of a supervisory, distributive, selling or
    soliciting function in the sale or delivery of products and not on the number of hours worked or an element of chance.
  5. There is no required minimum investment or minimum inventory requirement. Any purchase must be in reasonable quantities.
  6. I have received and read FLP’s “Company Policy”. I agree to operate my business in accordance with these Company Policies, procedures and
    marketing plan. I understand that my acts, or lack of action, which may result in a misuse, misrepresentation or violation of such policies and
    procedures can cause the termination of my distributorship by the company.
  7. FLP may, after reasonable notice, change, amend or modify this agreement and its policies, procedures and marketing plan to maintain a viable
    marketing system, comply with legal requirement or changes in economic condition, and I shall operate my business in accordance with any
    such change, amendment or modification.
  8. To properly represent the company products and its marketing plan. All forms of advertising, including, but not limited to, audio and video
    tapes and printed material, must be submitted and approved in writing by an authorized company representative prior to use.
  9. All purchased orders must be accompanied by FLPN Bankers Tellers/Deposit Slips stamped by any of the designated Banks for the proper
    amount paid, including all taxes, if any
  10. I may cancel this agreement at any time effective upon mailing written notice to FLP. If I should elect to cancel, all products which I purchased from
    FLP and which are in my possession in a reasonable condition, may be repurchased in accordance with FLP’s company policy and procedures.
  11. FLP will make its products available to me as a distributor and credit my sales effort as set forth in the FLP marketing plan.
  12. As long as I am a distributor and not in violation of this agreement, FLP shall pay me for my successful sales efforts in accordance with the
    various bonuses established by the FLP Marketing plan.
  13. This agreement is personal in nature and cannot be assigned or transferred, except in the event of my death, wherein the same may be
    inherited by an individual who can qualify as a distributor
  14. All disputes between the distributor and FLP shall be governed by Nigerian Law and resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with FLP’s
    disputes resolution policy. Lagos, Nigeria shall be deemed the sole and appropriate  place for jurisdiction and venue of any disputes between
    FLP and the independent distributor
  15. I understand that FLP is a family-oriented business that expects its distributors to conduct themselves with the highest ethics and integrity.
    I agree to do so and represent that I have never been convicted of a felony or charged with a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty.
  16. By clicking “agree” you are electronically signing the application. Your electronic signature certifies that you have read and agreed to the terms
    of registration as an independent distributor with FLP Nigeria.


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